Shocking Discovery Found Inside Gas Station Pumps Across North Carolina

Police in the small town of Forest City, North Carolina, have warned the public about razor blades being found attached to pump handles at gas stations. According to the statement from the Forest City Police Department, rusty razors were discovered during a routine inspection by the state Department of Agriculture at multiple business locations in Rutherford County.

The first razors were found at the BP location on South Broadway Street and the Shell station at the 74 Junction. In all cases, the rusty blades were strategically placed so that anyone who went to grab the pump handles would be gashed horribly by the blades. The discovery prompted the police to thoroughly search other station pumps across the County.

Forest City Police Department made an official statement that they are actively investigating the incidents in cooperation with the state Department of Agriculture and will provide more information as it becomes available. Citizens were asked to be aware of their surroundings while pumping gas and always check before handling any pumps.

Channel 9 journalist Dave Faherty arrived on the scene at one gas station and observed Forest City investigators examining surveillance footage and checking pumps for evidence. He also spoke with Detective Chris Hopper, who commented, “It’s a very evil thing to do, for lack of a better word. It’s just mean-spirited” that someone would glue or tape razor blades to the pumps with the full intention to hurt others.

Upon conversing with customers, their utter dismay and shock were palpable. One of the customers, James Ward, exclaimed, “It requires a no-good person to venture out and harm individuals merely due to viciousness.” Another customer Barbara Murray echoed this sentiment by adding, “I can’t comprehend what has happened. I’m petrified. People are demented nowadays!”

Forest City law enforcement informed Faherty that they were partnering with sheriff’s deputies examining a similar case in Ellendale. When asked about potential convictions, the officers indicated damage to property offenses as their most likely scenario; however, it could be much more severe if any person is injured due to this incident.

Until the perpetrator is caught, residents of Rutherford County are urged to remain vigilant and watchful when operating gas pumps. The police also encourage members of the community who have any information about the person responsible for these malicious acts to contact them immediately.

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