Senator Marshall Sounds the Alarm Over Surge in Chinese Illegal Immigrants

  • U.S. Senator Roger Marshall expresses growing concern over the rising number of illegal Chinese immigrants.
  • He alerts that Chinese immigrants are the third largest group of illegal border crossers in 2022.
  • The Senator emphasizes the potential threat to national security due to lack of efficient vetting procedures.
  • Marshall urges for advanced technology and funds to strengthen border security and improve vetting.
  • His remarks come amidst increasing tension between the U.S. and China over various issues.

Concerns are mounting over the surge of illegal migration into the U.S., but now, attention is turning towards a less talked about aspect of this phenomena – the growing numbers of Chinese illegal immigrants. U.S. Senator Roger Marshall has raised the alarm over this concerning trend and the potential implications it may have on national security.

In a conversation with NTD’s “Capitol Report”, Senator Marshall shared that of all the illegal immigrants crossing the border in 2022, Chinese immigrants were the third largest group. He underlined the fact, emphasizing that though the narrative is often focused on illegal migration from Central and South America, the increasing number of individuals from China illegally entering the U.S. cannot be overlooked.

Marshall went on to iterate his concerns over the lack of a thorough vetting process for the individuals crossing into the country. Without such a procedure, he warned, the U.S. could unknowingly be letting in individuals with potential ties to the communist regime posing threats to national security.

“It’s definitely a national security issue,” Marshall said. “We suspect many of them could be spies. We just don’t know who they are. There’s no opportunity to really vet these individuals.”

The Senator stressed that strengthening border security and improving vetting procedures should be high-priority tasks for the administration. He called for the implementation of advanced technology and adequate federal funding to build up border defenses and ensure comprehensive identity checks for those entering the country.

“Until we get the border secured, I’m afraid it’s going to be a free-for-all down there,” lamented Marshall.

The Senator’s remarks come amidst a period of escalating tension between the U.S. and China, with matters ranging from economic policies to human rights issues creating a strained relationship. Now, with the rise in illegal immigration from China into the U.S., a new concern has joined the list of bilateral tensions. The handling of this issue will present yet another challenge for the U.S. in its multifaceted relationship with China.

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