Random Attacks in New York City Target Women

A series of random, unprovoked attacks on women in New York City has left residents on edge and authorities scrambling to apprehend the perpetrators. The latest development in the disturbing trend came with the arrest of 30-year-old Brooklyn resident Mallik Maiah, who was charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly punching 27-year-old student Mikayla Toninato in the face last week.

Toninato, one of several victims who have shared their stories on TikTok, said she was “completely in shock” after being sucker-punched while leaving class in Greenwich Village. She reported the assault to police, who noted the proximity of a drug rehabilitation center to her school.

Since sharing her experience, Toninato has been contacted by other women who claim to have suffered similar attacks. “I have been able to identify that this man is the same as who hit a couple other girls. But what’s even scarier, there’s a lot of girls and our descriptions of this man are completely different, meaning there are multiple men going around doing this,” she revealed in a follow-up video.

The attacks have gained widespread attention on social media, with several videos of women describing surprise assaults by strangers going viral. Even former “Apprentice” contestant and “Real Housewives” star Bethenny Frankel admitted to being attacked in Manhattan but never sharing her story out of embarrassment.

Earlier this month, 40-year-old Skiboky Stora was charged with misdemeanor assault in connection to a separate attack on social media influencer Halley Kate in the Chelsea neighborhood. Kate’s TikTok video detailing the incident has garnered more than 5.4 million views, and she has urged women to stay alert and refrain from looking down at their phones while walking.

The exact number of women attacked remains unclear, but the unprovoked assaults have triggered major concerns among residents who are now nervous about walking in broad daylight. New York City Mayor Eric Adams has condemned the attacks as unacceptable, despicable, and anti-social behavior, expressing concern that potential attackers might attempt to duplicate the assaults after watching the stories shared on social media.

New data reveals that misdemeanor assault in New York City has increased by 10.3 percent from this time last year and 15.7 percent over the past two years. The NYPD has vowed to remain resilient in their efforts to stop violent criminals and ensure the safety of communities, as the city grapples with this disturbing trend of random attacks on women.

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