Investigation Underway Into Hunter Biden’s High Value Art Deals

There is currently much speculation about the art dealings of Hunter Biden. The House Oversight Committee chairman has just requested a transcribed interview with Georges Bergès, an art dealer who has been displaying and handling Hunter Biden’s artworks since 2021.

Rep. James Comer sent an invitation to be interviewed to expose the higher-than-usual prices of artworks Hunter Biden has been selling while also revealing the buyers’ identities behind those purchases. The White House Counsel’s Office and a representative for Hunter Biden were contacted but have yet to respond with any statement regarding this inquiry.

However, President Joe Biden’s staff have argued that the Republican focus on Hunter Biden is hypocritical due to then-President Trump having his daughter and son-in-law working in the White House while regularly using taxpayer money to stay at properties owned by himself.

To ward off any ethical issues, the Biden White House implemented a system where Hunter Biden can sell his artwork anonymously. However, Bergès will reject any offer that appears suspicious or is beyond the asking price. The beautiful works of art created by Hunter Biden range from $55,000 to an impressive amount of $225,000 per piece, making them irresistible for collectors globally.

Rep. Comer has raised concerns about the anonymous, high-dollar transactions potentially from foreign buyers with no accountability or oversight. He has requested the transcribed interview to look into potential conflicts of interest and gain transparency for the American people.

Hunter Biden’s tax affairs have also been under federal investigation by a grand jury in Delaware since 2019. His involvement on the board of a Ukrainian energy company and his efforts to strike deals with China have raised questions about whether he has used his father’s public service as leverage. Joe Biden has said he has yet to speak to his son about foreign business dealings.

The House Oversight Committee is also expanding its investigation into Hunter Biden’s foreign business work, including his lucrative consulting gigs in China and Ukraine. It is expected to interview multiple witnesses associated with the matter over the coming months.

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden’s art continues to make news. His latest collection debuted earlier this month in a SoHo gallery in New York City. The abstract paintings, which combine ink, oil, and acrylics, were met with a strong response from art enthusiasts. The gallery doesn’t know who the buyers are and has no plans to reveal their identities.

It remains to be seen if the House Oversight Committee’s transcribed interview will result in changes in Hunter Biden’s art dealings or potential conflicts of interest. For now, the investigation continues as more questions swirl around how President Joe Biden’s son has been handling his art business.

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