Report Finds Popular Cereal Brands Packed with Alarming Toxins

New testing has revealed that General Mills’ recently launched Trix Loaded cereal contains alarmingly high levels of toxic heavy metals and agrochemicals, sparking outrage among consumer advocacy groups and concerned parents.

The tests, conducted by an independent laboratory, found that two samples of Trix Loaded cereal contained levels of arsenic and cadmium that were 200-400% higher than the EPA’s allowable levels in drinking water. Additionally, aluminum levels were as high as 3,500 ppb, making the cereal a potentially toxic way to start the day according to EU standards if consumed daily.

Glyphosate, a controversial herbicide, was also detected in the cereal at levels 158-174 times higher than the amount shown to cause sex hormone changes and organ damage in animal studies. Furthermore, trace levels or higher of eight different pesticides were found, including Fluopyram-1, a fungicide linked to endocrine disruption in humans and wildlife, and Piperonyl butoxide, an ingredient used in lice-killing shampoos.

Moms Across America, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about toxic exposures, is calling on elected officials to regulate the food supply to prevent products like Trix Loaded from reaching the market. Director Zen Honeycutt stated, “These test results show it is high time that cereal manufacturers such as General Mills make better choices in sourcing cleaner ingredients. These toxins, present in cereal marketed to parents and children, as containing vitamins (implying a healthy choice) are unconscionable and obviously highly unhealthy. What we need is cereal loaded with nutrition and free from toxins.”

The presence of heavy metals in food is a growing concern, as they have been widely acknowledged by physicians and regulatory agencies to cause neurotoxicity, developmental delays, inability to function, and cancer. With 1 out of 6 children in America currently experiencing learning disabilities, the issue of toxic exposures in food has become a pressing matter of public health and national security.

While the United States does not consistently regulate the presence of heavy metals in food, the levels found in Trix Loaded cereal far exceed the EPA’s allowable levels in drinking water. Experts warn that daily exposure to these toxins through the standard American diet is contributing to an epidemic of brain-damaged children who are unable to reach their full potential and are dependent on pharmaceuticals and parental support.

Moms Across America is urging consumers to choose organic food that has been shown to be free from agrochemicals and heavy metals, and to contact their elected officials to demand stricter regulations on the food supply. The organization emphasizes that the future of our children and the security of our country depends on nationwide access to safe, nutrient-dense, non-toxic food, regardless of socioeconomic status.

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