Agricultural Experts: Major Food Shortages Coming in 2023

Fourth-generation dairy farmer Stephanie Nash recently appeared on Fox & Friends to sound the alarm about a growing crisis in America’s agricultural industry. She warned that by 2023, food shortages could become a reality as inflation and increasing regulations are placing an unbearable strain on farmers nationwide. Price hikes have further hampered their efforts, making it difficult for them to remain sustainable and profitable.

“That’s a big food security threat to our future here in America,” Nash said.

Relocating her business from California to Tennessee, Nash had no alternative due to the inflexible rules that made it hard for her to secure crucial resources. Exasperatedly, she expounded on how the myriad of California regulations concerning air pollution and water conservation hindered established businesses like theirs. This relentless pressure compelled her to consider ceasing operations altogether and uprooting her family business.

It’s not just regulations creating problems for the agriculture industry. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been unable to keep up with the changing world and its threats from severe weather, leaving many farmers struggling to keep their crops and animals safe. Nash noted that some farmers are even resorting to burning hay to keep crops warm. Yet, little action is being taken by local authorities or at a federal level.

“Where’s the USDA when we’re trying to save our crops and animals from weather devastation?” she asked.

Nash is also concerned about foreign countries purchasing U.S. farmland and inflation continuing to ravage the economy. She predicts that proper intervention is necessary for many family farmers and ranchers to be able to close their doors by 2023. This is compounded by the fact that even the four leading packers in the American beef industry are selling off their cattle due to minimal profits and difficulty getting feed in some parts of the country.

Nash also stated that American family farmers and ranchers are struggling to stay afloat because of the government and big corporations. “That’s the truth of what is happening in America, and that’s the truth of what will happen if we don’t start to wake up and support the locals,” she said.

Nash believes that it is essential for both the government and the public to start supporting local agriculture in order to prevent food shortages in 2023. She is optimistic that if more people become aware of the threats facing farmers, they will be inspired to take action and help out.

Clearly, something needs to be done to protect the future of America’s agricultural industry and ensure families have access to food. The only way for this is if the government takes action and citizens start supporting local agriculture. Otherwise, experts are predicting we will see significant food shortages in 2023.

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